VHF (Short Range) Marine Radio Online Course

Study for your Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency

The SROCP certificate will allow you to operate VHF marine radios

In Australia if a VHF radio is used for normal calling on a boat, someone on board must hold at least a Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency. (SROCP)

$220 on the Spot Fine may be issued

Australian Boating College has developed an online VHF radio course, as an alternative study method to  face to face classroom style teaching or studying through a manual.

The online course is easy to work through, and you can do the lessons and quizzes again and again to ensure you’re achieving the required 70% pass mark.

Many of the sections have audio attached to bring the subject matter to life and to advise you what you need to focus on for the SROCP exam.

Feedback on quiz performance is given so you will know you when you are ready to sit the SROCP exam with an Invigilator.

The Benefits of an Online SROCP Radio course are:

Immediate Start

Start Right Now as soon as your Paypal payment processed


Study when you like, where you like, as you like
Not locked into pre-set classroom timeframes

Personal Review

Study the content and quizzes repeatedly to ensure you know it

Self Assessment

Inbuilt quiz feedback so you know if you’re ready to undertake the examination

Process for obtaining the SROCP -
Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency

All candidates must sit a closed book 25 question exam in the presence of a registered Invigilator. An Invigilator is appointed by the Office of Maritime Communications, and there are many of them spread around the country. (See Links page). An Invigilator’s job is to organise the exam papers, ensure the exam is conducted in accordance with the guidelines, and send off the completed exam and fee.

The Invigilator does not mark the exam, but will seal it and send to the Office of Maritime Communications for marking. The pass mark is 70%. - 18 correct questions.

Candidates who pass, will be sent their Short Range Operator Certificate of Proficiency.

Candidates who do not pass will be sent their result. A person can undertake the exam as many times as needed, upon payment each time of the SROCP fee and Invigilator fee.


The Office of Maritime Communications charge a fee for marking the exams and processing.
The fee at present is currently 89.00. The Invigilator collects this money, as well as their fee for conducting the exam. Invigilator fees vary, contact them direct for their fee structure. A link for Invigilators can be found on the Course Link page of this site.

The course has lessons on the various aspects of knowledge required to pass the SROCP exam. Associated with each lesson is a learning quiz. If a quiz answer you enter is incorrect, the correct answer is immediately provided. This is aimed at raising your knowledge level to the level needed to pass the SROCP exam.

When you think you are ready to sit the exam, you can tackle the course’s Self Assessment Quiz, which randomly asks all the questions from the lesson quizzes, without providing any feedback until the end. (You can still get automatic in-progress feedback by clicking for it as you go thru).

If you can consistently achieve higher than the required pass mark of 70% in the Self Assessment Quiz, then you can be confident you are ready to sit the SROCP exam with an Invigilator.

Ultimately, passing or failing the SROCP exam is up to you, but the online course is designed as a learning tool to give you the knowledge you need to pass.


What do I Need for the SROCP Exam?
You will need to provide the Invigilator with a colour passport size photo, without a hat or sunglasses in the photo. The Invigilator will organise all the other administration for you.


Online Course Course COST
Cost for the online course  is $49

To pay online and start learning now, click the Purchase tab above or below.

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Thanks, online course was great, have VHF licence in hand and passed with 100%. Cheers.”

I have just recently passed the mrovcp examination and would like to take this opportunity to say how beneficial I found
the online learning scenario provided ABC boating.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your course content and that I got 100% for my VHF exam!!! The content of the course was very, very in depth and very easy to understand and use, and the practice tests for each of the components was just brilliant.
So again I say thank you and hope to see you out on the water someday!

Hi Guys
sat for my vhf test with john on 11 July passed with 92% thanks for all you assistance

I would like pass on some feedback regarding the VHF course and assessment.
- Thankyou for a comprehensive yet easy to navigate and understandable format. I genuinely enjoyed learning from your online course. The self paced concept meant I was probably more disciplined to myself to ensure I comprehended the subjects.
- I was completely at ease with the format; this was reinforced by the options of using the automated recording as a means of hearing it from another perspective.
- The self check quizzes at the end of each module gave me the ability to identify the areas of varied comprehension. This in it itself assisted me with developing a study technique which I have never before been able to do.
- It is without question that this really does prepare the student for the Exam. However more importantly, I comprehended the course matter completely. The final session quiz really did reinforce what was taught in the course.
- For the first time I have sat a closed book exam with the confidence knowing that NYC (AKA Failure) was not an option for the core information was imbedded in my mind.

To the developer of the course, I appreciate and thank you for such an excellent concept.
I would like to thank Jon at ABC Rochedale for inviting me into his home and providing his services as Invigilator. Again the relaxed environment aided in maintaining confidence and concentration on the exam.

I most certainly recommend to anyone ABC in the future.

Overseas VHF Licence Candidates - Most countries require VHF operators to be licensed, as part of their responsibility towards the International Telecommunications Union. Most of this Australian online course is suitable study material for your country’s VHF exam.

The parts which are specific to Australian conditions, and which you will have to learn about how your own country is set up are:

  • VHF channel allocations;
  • MMSI allocations (for DSC numeric station identifier)
  • Coast Radio Stations in your country and the services they provide
  • How your country handles 406MHz EPIRB signals, and 406MHz EPIRB registration


The course parts which are generic across all VHF exams and operation are:

  • Routine operating and call procedures incl. key words
  • Distress call procedures incl. key words
  • Phonetic alphabet
  • Radio features and power supply
  • DSC generics
  • EPIRB generics
  • VHF repeaters

So yes, you will find this course of great learning benefit.

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